Connecting colorspaces

That sounds like a line from a space rock song, but it’s actually a concept that is quite interesting when you have to deal with different sources and you want to work in a particular colorspace. ACES is great for that, because it has plugs to a lot of capture and output devices, so you can use it as a connector before and/or after your working colorspace. This is a great way to reconcile those who “don’t like ACES” with it, because you need to use it for grading, a lot of colorists prefer other working colorspaces because their tools react better I’ll write a specific about that.

On most complex color setups, you can invert the RRT and replace the “ACES look” with something else, which is pretty cool. Have to be careful with the precision of applied LUTs, and consider this would have impact on things like lighting in CG and VFX. Since the LMT workflow is not quite implemented yet in VFX and CG tools, it would have to be managed manually by your colorflow monkey.

It’ shown on Flame but it can be used with any machine, be careful though as using a chain of LUTs or something lacking precision such as OCIO v1 might end up with quality issues. One of the great things with Flame’s color management is its precision and modularity.

I look old on that vid, I’m much younger now

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