Welcome to Rockflowers!

Welcome to Rockflowers! Here we’ll talk about colors, art, decisions, bands, rock, maths, food, and all kind of funny stuff.

So this is the first article. I work in the media industry, and I’ve done a lot of things around color in my career. What I love about it, is that it mixes a good deal of maths and physics on one side, and then psychology and art. So it makes it a great subject to discuss both with engineers and artists, and you can’t be really good on the topic if you are not ready to dig into the ying or yang of it. Fascinating.

So why Rockflowers? Because there’s quite a lot of things that I believe are related and once you make the parallel, that makes the whole thing much clearer. Also there are a lot of great websites about color in art, and color in software, but not that many about using color to do art in a software, and doing that with other people.

I’ll try to make that into small articles, easy to read, easy to share. There’s gonna be videos as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy it, now Let’s Rock!

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